Sports Physiotherapy Brisbane

A specialised area of physiotherapy that considers the unique demands of sport and exercise on the body.

Brisbane Sports Physiotherapists

Our APA Titled Brisbane Sports Physio team have undergone extensive training including a Masters’s degree in Sports and Exercise Physiotherapy and received professional recognition for their experience working in high-level sporting environments.
A man lifting weights with the assistance of an exercise physiotherapists in Brisbane.

Accurate diagnosis, effective treatment, injury prevention and education

Recover Faster With Long Lasting Results

What to Expect

Sports Physiotherapists consider the body as a whole and will examine how other regions of the body may have contributed to your injury. We understand the biomechanics of your sport and the specific loads placed on the body.

Your Treatment

With advanced skills, our Brisbane Sports Physio’s are able to accurately diagnose injury, provide a thorough rehabilitation plan and educate you about how to avoid recurrent sports injuries.

How Sports Physiotherapy Can Help

Our Sports Physiotherapists understand how to keep you safely training and active throughout an injury rehabilitation and return you to sport as quickly and safely as possible.

Accurate Diagnosis

Identify the structure and factors around your injury.

Injury Rehabilitation

Return to activity safely and quickly

Return to Sport

Sport specific and individualised rehabilitation from acute injury through to return to sport

Enhanced Performance

Improve your strength, mobility, power, movement or sport specific skills to enhance performance

Injury Prevention

Ongoing support and programs to prevent injury

About Our Clinic

Visit our Highgate Hill clinic in person, or call to speak to the team.


$ 145
/ 45 mins
  • $30 for Senior Physiotherapist
$ 175
/ 60 mins
  • $45 for Senior Physiotherapist
$ 115
/ 30 mins
  • $20 for Senior Physiotherapist
$ 135
/ 45 mins
  • $30 for Senior Physiotherapist
$ 165
/ 60 mins
  • $35 for Senior Physiotherapist

Weekend warriors to elite athletes

Our Sports Physiotherapists understand the specific effects of activity on the different tissues of the body, for individuals of all ages. We deliver the same high-quality physiotherapy services to every patient – whether you are a weekend warrior, occasional jogger or a professional athlete in elite training environments.

Education for Schools, Coaches and Clubs

SportsPlus Physiotherapy actively engages in the Brisbane community by providing education sessions to sports clubs and teams.

This can include training your coaches and/or players on common injuries for your sport, injury management and prevention, and player self-management.

If there is a topic you would like to cover we can also tailor a seminar to your needs.

A therapist in SPortPlus Physio Brisbane is talking to a patient.

Our partners and affiliated clubs

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have more questions, feel free to contact us at


You can simply book an appointment and come in for physiotherapy treatment whenever you like.

Physiotherapists are trained to be first contact practitioners which means when you have hurt your neck, back or sprained your ankle you can come straight to SportsPlus Physiotherapy for assessment.


If you have physiotherapy as part of your extras in your private health policy you will be able to make a claim.

We can process your claim on the spot at your appointment, so you will only be required to pay the remainder of the fee.

You can check with your provider how much will be covered.


Your physiotherapy appointment will involve some key components;

  •  Discussion about your presenting issue and some questions that aid in diagnosis and
    treatment planning
  • A thorough physical examination of structures and movement
  • Demonstration of your home exercise program
  • Advice and education about your presenting issue

Please bring any documents or information about your injury that you have been provided from your surgeon or GP including referrals and radiology reports.

You should also have comfortable clothing that will allow us to examine your injury.

For example, wearing shorts when your physiotherapist will be assessing an injury to your knee or ankle.

If needed, we do have shorts in the clinic that you can borrow for your appointment.


Our free car park is available with access via Prospect Terrace.

There is also plenty of free street parking available.

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