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Specialised physiotherapy services for pre-pointe assessments and dance injuries delivered by physiotherapists with experience in dance.

Pre-pointe assessments Brisbane

If your ballet teacher has mentioned that you are ready to start your preparation for pointe work or, you will start pointe work the next year, you can book a pre-pointe assessment with our experienced dance physiotherapist.

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Build the foundations of dance-specific joint movement and strength

Dance Physio and pre-point assessments

What to Expect

As dancers transition from ballet shoes to demi-pointe and pointe shoes the demand on their body increases. As with starting any new skill, it is important to assess whether you are ready to do so safely.​

Your Treatment

Your pre-pointe assessment will highlight any areas of strength and mobility that dancers may need to work on before they purchase their first pair of pointe shoes.​

Areas of assessment

Your Dance Physiotherapist will be assessing all of the functional requirements that allow you to enjoy a safe introduction to pointe work.


Posture in parallel and turn out. This is your ability to move into and hold Ballet specific postures.


Active foot, ankle, knee and hip joint range required for good technique.


Core stability and control in turnout and parallel.


Biomechanics and body awareness essential for dance.


Lower limb and core strength to meet the high demands of dancing.


Foot and body control during movement.

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When should I have a pre-pointe assessment?

We recommend having a pre-pointe assessment with an experienced dance physiotherapist approximately 2-3 months before commencing pointe work.

This allows for the physiotherapist to highlight any areas which may need work pre-pointe and to address them with an individualised home exercise program.

A re-assessment may be required within an appropriate timeframe to ensure that the home exercise program is working well to achieve optimal pre-pointe presentation.

The therapist and patient share a lighthearted moment as they engage in foot massage.


$ 150
/ 60 mins
$ 120
/ 30 mins

Frequently Asked Questions

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It is best to wear close-fitting clothing that you can move well in. Your ballet or dance attire is perfectly suitable for this assessment such that the physiotherapist can perform an accurate assessment.

The physiotherapist will let you know at your assessment if you are ready to start pointe work. To ensure the most enjoyable and safest transition to dancing en pointe there are often home exercises that will be prescribed.

These exercises will look at improving areas of mobility, stability and strength that the physiotherapist may have noted needs attention through the assessment.

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We can process your claim on the spot at your appointment, so you will only be required to pay the remainder of the fee.

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