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Physical Therapy that focuses on injury rehabilitation, restoring function, mobility and overall well-being.

Brisbane's Best Physiotherapists

At SportsPlus Physiotherapy we aim to educate and empower every individual to understand their injury diagnosis and injury prognosis, and help our patients to achieve the best outcome they can.

A rehab patients happily exercising with her physiotherapist behind him.

Recover from or prevent injury, reduce stiffness and pain and increase mobility.

Physiotherapy at our Brisbane Clinic

What to Expect

A typical physiotherapy session will begin with a consultation, an assessment of your injury and movement patterns to understand physical impairments related to your issue and provide strategies to help you recover quickly.

Your Treatment

We use a combination of common treatment techniques including massage, joint mobilisation and manipulation, taping, dry needling and rehabilitative exercise prescription.

How Physiotherapy Can Help

Individualised assessment, treatment and rehabilitation specific to your needs to help you take control and return to your best

Acute Pain

Seeing a Physiotherapist as early as possible will help prevent further injury and promote fast recovery

Chronic Pain

Our experienced Physiotherapists will determine the true cause of your pain to help you overcome your longer term injury

Orthopaedic Surgery

Trusted experts in the rehabilitation of all orthopaedic surgeries

About Our Clinic

Visit our Highgate Hill clinic in person, or call to speak to the team.


$ 145
/ 45 mins
  • $30 for Senior Physiotherapist
$ 175
/ 60 mins
  • $45 for Senior Physiotherapist
$ 115
/ 30 mins
  • $20 for Senior Physiotherapist
$ 135
/ 45 mins
  • $30 for Senior Physiotherapist
$ 165
/ 60 mins
  • $35 for Senior Physiotherapist

Achieve Your Health and Lifestyle Goals

Our team of highly trained physiotherapists are ready to help you achieve your goals and live a healthy and active lifestyle. We deliver the same high-quality physiotherapy services to every patient – whether you are an elite athlete, weekend warrior or just aren’t functioning the way you want to be.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have more questions, feel free to contact us at


You can simply book an appointment and come in for physiotherapy treatment whenever you like.

Physiotherapists are trained to be first contact practitioners which means when you have hurt your neck, back or sprained your ankle you can come straight to SportsPlus Physiotherapy for assessment.


If you have physiotherapy as part of your extras in your private health policy you will be able to make a claim.

We can process your claim on the spot at your appointment, so you will only be required to pay the remainder of the fee.

You can check with your provider how much will be covered.


Your physiotherapy appointment will involve some key components;

  •  Discussion about your presenting issue and some questions that aid in diagnosis and
    treatment planning
  • A thorough physical examination of structures and movement
  • Demonstration of your home exercise program
  • Advice and education about your presenting issue

Please bring any documents or information about your injury that you have been provided from your surgeon or GP including referrals and radiology reports.

You should also have comfortable clothing that will allow us to examine your injury.

For example, wearing shorts when your physiotherapist will be assessing an injury to your knee or ankle.

If needed, we do have shorts in the clinic that you can borrow for your appointment.


Our free car park is available with access via Prospect Terrace.

There is also plenty of free street parking available.

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