Sports and Remedial Massage Brisbane

Therapeutic massage that focuses on treating specific musculoskeletal issues and injuries.

Remedial Massage Therapist Brisbane

Our massage therapists draw on a wealth of training and experience to provide you with high-quality care. Our team have many years of experience working with individuals with stiffness, muscle tension or pain as well as with elite athletes in professional sports teams.

A happy male remedial massage therapist in Sportsplus Physitherapy performing a back massage.

Personalised therapy to treat the cause of your pain, imbalances and discomfort

Personalised Sports and Remedial Massage

What to Expect

During your sports or remedial massage the therapist will take a precise history and perform a thorough health assessment before creating a therapy plan specifically for you.

Your Treatment

Your therapist will work with you to find the most effective and comfortable treatment for you and your needs. This may include gentle mobilisation, deep tissue, cupping, dry needling and/or passive stretching if required.

How Sports Massage can help

During a SportsPlus massage, your therapist works to find the underlying cause of your discomfort. Their treatment is aimed at eliminating the cause and not just the symptoms.

Pain relief

Targeting the source of your pain. Treatment may include a variety of massage and other techniques to reduce your pain, muscle tension or discomfort.

Injury Rehabilitation

Integrated care with allied health professionals including collaboration with our Physiotherapy and Exercise team to promote faster recovery and injury rehabilitation.

Improved posture

Targeted therapy and techniques to have an improved ability to get into or hold postures for longer.

Reduce Tension

Alleviate painful muscles and joints by improving muscle tone and feelings of stiffness.

Flexibility and Mobility

Decrease muscle tension and improve joint mobility to allow improved movement.


Massage is one of the most beneficial tools athletes have to promote faster recovery from an event, race or activity.

Pregnancy Massage

Our highly trained massage therapists can safely use massage to provide more comfort and pain relief to women who are pregnant.

About Our Clinic

Visit our Highgate Hill clinic in person, or call to speak to the team.


$ 85
/ 30 mins
$ 100
/ 45 mins
$ 120
/ 60 mins
$ 175
/ 90 mins

Professional and effective treatment plans

Our therapists proudly provide a high level of professionalism as an important member of your healthcare team. We deliver the same high-quality services to every patient – whether you are an elite athlete, weekend warrior or just want to be moving and feeling better.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have more questions, feel free to contact us at

No, anyone can simply book an appointment and come in for a remedial or sports massage.


If you have Massage coverage as part of your extras in your private health policy you will be able to make a claim.

We can process your claim on the spot at your appointment, so you will only be required to pay the remainder of the fee. You can check with your provider how much will be covered.

Your massage will involve a brief discussion about the desired outcome from your treatment.

Your massage therapy may involve the use of various massage techniques.

Our therapists can also provide techniques such as cupping and dry needling.


Our free car park is available with access via Prospect Terrace.

There is also plenty of free street parking available.

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