Group Exercise Classes

Move well and feel great with a range of group classes delivered by experts.

Group Exercise classES for every need

Improve your strength and fitness.

Group Exercise Classes with No experience needed


Be introduced to new exercises and gym equipement.

Fully supervised

Safely improve your strength and fitness under the watchful eye of our expert team.

How Group EXERCISE Classes Can Help

Strength training is an essential part of moving well and feeling great. There are so many fantastic benefits to small group training including

Improve strength

Move confidently and safely in your life and leisure. Don't be held back from doing what you love.

improve your health

Decrease your risk of osteoporosis, falls, cardiovascular issues. The list goes on!

Recover from injury

Build back capacity to completely recover from injury. Safely return to activity with strength training.

Prevent Injury

Build your capacity to completely recover from injury.

Engage with exercise

Fun and social environment to help you stick to your training goals.

Improve mental well being

Manage stress and mood, improve sleep and feel better with exercise!

Our Location

Visit our Highgate Hill clinic in person, or call to speak to the team.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have more questions, feel free to contact us at

Yes, free parking is available off Prospect Terrace. There is also free street parking in the surrounding area. 


If you have appropriate coverage in your private health policy you will be able to make a claim on classes run by Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists. 

We can process your claim on the spot at your appointment, so you will only be required to pay the remainder of the fee.

You can check with your provider how much will be covered.



You can simply book a class and come in whenever you like.

Please wear active wear appropriate for exercise, a towel and a water bottle. 

Start Moving Well and Feeling Great!

All ages, abilities and levels of experience are welcome. Exercise is an essential part of moving well and feeling great. Let our team of experienced health professionals guide you.