Will Thwaite

Will Thwaite

Director | APA Sports and Exercise Physiotherapist


B.Sc(Psych) | B.Phty(Hons) | M.Phty(Sports)


About Will Thwaite

Will Thwaite is a titled Sports and Exercise Physiotherapist in Brisbane. He a former professional volleyball player, Australian representative and Australian Institute of Sport scholarship holder. His personal experience with elite level sport environments has provided Will with unique insight into the many different demands placed on the body during exercise and movement. This experience also gives will a unique perspective for sports physiotherapy.

Will Thwaite has an expansive understanding of biomechanics and the different pressures exerted on the body during activity, exercise and sport. Not only does this help Will understand your sport and what is required, but also helps to breakdown everyday movements in order to devise specific rehabilitation plans for any injury. He has a great eye for figuring out what might have contributed to your injury or pain. Will has continued to develop and refine his clinical evaluation skills by working in private practice and with providing quality physiotherapy services to his clients across his career.

Will Thwaite is also currently working with the University of Queensland as a Clinical Educator in the Sports Masters program, educating and mentoring physiotherapists in the titling process. 

Outside of work, Will still has an interest in keeping active and healthy. You will often find Will running by the river, swimming, or using the gym. 

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