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Jason Lin

Accredited Exercise Physiologist | Exercise Scientist



About Jason

Jason is an ESSA Accredited Exercise Physiologist and Sports Scientist, with an interest in musculoskeletal and injury rehabilitation. Having a passion for restoring functionality and enhancing performance, he employs evidence-based practices to empower clients on their journey to their optimal health.

 After graduating from the University of Queensland, Jason has continued to develop his professional skills by working in private gyms, and interacting with a diverse clientele. During his time at the gym has provided him with a deep understanding of various fitness levels and conditions, allowing him to adeptly design and implement personalised exercise programs.

Outside of being an exercise physiologist, he enjoys a wide range of sports, in particular basketball and volleyball. Playing the sports not only reflect his love for exercise, but also grows his understanding of movement mechanics and athletic conditioning. His commitment to ongoing learning ensures he stays at the forefront of advancement in exercise science, continually refining his approach to better serve his clients.

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