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WorkCover Queensland is a government-owned insurer that provides workers’ compensation insurance to employers in Queensland. If you have been injured at work, WorkCover Queensland may cover the costs of your medical treatment including physiotherapy. Here are some key things to know about getting WorkCover Physiotherapy:

Getting Started with WorkCover Physiotherapy

  • If you have been injured at work, you should report the injury to your employer as soon as possible.
  • Your employer will then report the injury to WorkCover Queensland.
  • You will need to see a doctor and get a medical certificate that outlines your injury and your capacity for work
  • Start your physiotherapy treatment at SportsPlus Physiotherapy

Start your recovery with WorkCover Physiotherapy

The first stage of WorkCover Physiotherapy involves a thorough assessment of your injury or condition. We will also get details about your work environment and job demands. This assessment helps our physiotherapy team to identify any risk factors that may be contributing to the injury or condition, and to develop an appropriate treatment plan.

From your fist consultation you will receive advice and guidance about pain relief and optimal care for your injury. Your treatment may also involve hands on care and manual therapy, taping for support and pain relief or even the use of supportive braces where indicated. Therapeutic exercise is also an essential part of your recovery, and where possible our team will ensure that you not only recover from injury but maintain the rest of your physical strength and fitness needed to ensure a smooth transition back to work.

Suitable Duties

Understanding the nature of your work and the roles and responsibilities you have helps our physiotherapy team to start forward planning. We take the time to understand your job and what might be required including

  • Walking/standing
  • Time sitting
  • Push and pull activities
  • Lifting overhead
  • Sustained positions
  • Repetitive tasks
  • Weight limits for lifting and shifting

As soon as appropriate, our Brisbane Physiotherapy team will aim to get you back into work in some capacity. Being injured does not mean that you can’t still contribute positively to your workplace. Our team will communicate with your WorkCover Case Manager and your Rehabilitation/Return to Work Co-ordinator to help you find suitable duties at work that do not pose further risk of injury or slowing down your recovery.

There are actually many proven benefits to returning to your workplace with modified duties. These include maintaining your routine, social connection, maintaining your income and even learning new skills at work.

A physiotherapist helping with work injury

Recover from Work Injury

Our team of Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists are experts in recovering from injury and returning to performance. This might be on the sporting field or performing your job to your best ability. We will find the source of your pain or injury and develop a plan to improve your mobility, flexibility or strength. Our aim is to help you recover from your injury and get back to work safely and quickly.

Our full rehab gym located onsite means that we can take you through an individualised gym based strength program. This is the best way to make sure that you recover your best and are safe to return to work. Often, our patients can be managed between Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology to provide the best possible outcome.

Return to Work

Once you are recovering from your recovery, we will test your capacity to go back to work. There is no guesswork or time-based decision-making, and we will use physical testing and work-specific movements to make sure you are fully recovered. Our team will use a range of tests specific to your job and your injury to ensure that you are progressing well with your rehab and are going to be able to successfully return to work. If you need to lift 15kg, we will test your ability to lift 15kg (or more). It is a joint decision to return to work and we will make sure you have the capacity to return to work safely following your injury.

If you want to recover well and return to work safely and quickly, then contact our team to start your WorkCover Physiotherapy today!

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