NDIS Funding for Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology

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If you are an NDIS participant, understanding the different funding options available can significantly impact your access to allied health services like Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology. In this blog we will explore the differences between the three NDIS funding options and how they affect
your ability to choose your healthcare providers.

1. Self-Managed Funding

With self-management, the NDIA provides funding directly to you, allowing you to access the services that align with your goals. This option gives you the freedom to choose your physiotherapists and exercise physiologists based on your preferences and needs.


  • Flexibility: Handpick your providers and tailor services to your requirements.
  • Direct Control: Manage your funds, ensuring they are utilized efficiently.
  • Budget Oversight: Keep track of your budget and services through the Myplace portal.

2. Plan-Managed Funding

Plan-managed funding involves the NDIA allocating funds for a Plan Manager. This manager handles payments to your providers, maintains financial records, and assists you in keeping your budget in check


  • Financial Assistance: A dedicated Plan Manager takes care of payments and reporting.
  • Simplified Process: Focus on your care while the manager handles financial intricacies.
  • Provider Freedom: Choose your physio and exercise physiology specialists independently

3. NDIA-Managed Funding

NDIA-managed funding means the NDIA directly pays your healthcare providers on your behalf. Through NDIA-managed options, you are required to pick allied health professional who is specially registered with the NDIS. Your plan manager can often direct you to look for this.


  • Ease of Use: NDIA handles payments, ensuring your providers are compensated.

Your early childhood partner, Local Area Coordinator (LAC), or NDIA planner will discuss these options during your planning meeting. They will guide you in selecting the most suitable funding method based on your unique needs and circumstances.

Important Note: Regardless of the funding option you choose, you retain the power to ensure your services align with your goals and budget. Regularly monitor your budget and services through the myplace portal, guaranteeing your NDIS plan serves you effectively.

Can I use NDIS at SportsPlus Physiotherapy?

At our Highgate Hill clinic, we support your autonomy in healthcare decisions. As an NDIS participant, you have the right to self-select your physiotherapists and exercise physiologists. Choose a combination of the funding options or opt for full self-management – the decision is yours.

We are proud to offer services to both self-managed and plan-managed participants under the NDIS. If you are unsure of whether you can access Exercise Physiology or Physiotherapy services under your current funding structure don’t hesitate to contact our clinic. Together, let’s work towards your health and wellness goals.

Contact our admin team or any of our practitioners to learn more about how our allied health services can support your NDIS journey.

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